Who are the heroes of your faith?

Are they your parents, grandparents, or siblings? 很有可能,他们是一个传教士,牧师,或其他牧师的福音. How are you encouraged to keep the faith? What will you give to support the Gospel moving forward?

NOBTS and Leavell College prepare servants to walk with Christ, proclaim His truth, and fulfill His mission.

You can help in three easy steps...

  1. 探索和选择在哪里给予和如何投资的方式,以符合您期望的参与水平.
  2. 承诺每月、每季度、每年或通过你的遗产计划捐赠.
  3. 作为我们捐助家庭的一员,您可以获得独家通讯、活动邀请等.

Providence Fund

Some of the most valuable gifts to NOBTS & Leavell College are unrestricted donations.

The Providence Fund is the unrestricted annual fund for the Seminary

而神学院则致力于控制学费的增长速度, 它还承诺保持最高标准的卓越教育. It costs approximately $60,000 a day for the Seminary to operate. 满足我们的年度普罗维登斯基金目标,使平衡的学费结构成为可能,同时提供一流的神学培训.

宝盈APP登录、教师和工作人员依靠校友和朋友的个人支持. You can help them remain on track by donating to the Providence Fund.

Three ways to help

Providence Society

朋友可以每天花1美元或每月花30美元加入. Alumni can give their graduate year (e.g., 2004 would donate $20.04). Faculty and Staff can set up a monthly payroll deduction. Monthly sustainers receive exclusive seminary updates.

Giving Tuesday

During the most significant day of generosity worldwide, 你可以在“赠礼星期二”送一份礼物,把NOBTS和levell学院作为你年终赠礼计划的一部分.

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Spring Giving Days

也许你从某人的慷慨中受益,并希望帮助将他们的行为带来的快乐传播给他人? 春季赠予日为大家提供了一个共同支持教育事业的机会, spiritual, and personal experiences of current students and future grads.


Where to Give

Partner with NOBTS and Leavell College to prepare servants of Christ.

对基督徒来说,没有比马太福音28:18-20中的大使命更伟大的呼召了.  你有意愿投资那些被呼召全职事奉的人的生命吗? 探索五种方法,你可以参与NOBTS和水平学院宝盈集团bbin基督的仆人.


Leavell College Dean's Council


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Women's Auxiliary


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Foundation Board


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President's Circle


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DeMent Society


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How to Invest


Now & Later - The difference between an endowment and unrestricted gifts.

我们希望帮助您了解捐赠基金和无限制基金之间的区别,以及NOBTS和level College如何使用它们来推进我们的使命. 我们希望我们分享的信息能帮助您在考虑如何最好地使用您的礼物时决定您的投资方向.

What is an endowment? 捐赠基金是一个机构的投资资本,它产生的利息收益可供使用, in perpetuity, to fund its mission.

What is the function of an endowment? As specified by you, an endowment supports scholarships, professorships, programs, buildings, and technology. If you are interested in investing but are uncertain where to begin, 支持神学院运作的无限制捐赠是值得投资的.

多年来,数以百计的朋友和校友增加了神学院的捐赠,提供永久的支持. 今天的神学院宝盈APP登录受益于前几代人的捐赠.  NOBTS和Leavell学院的未来是由今天的捐赠基金创造的.

Foundation Board

Sustaining the work of NOBTS and Leavell College in New Orleans.


没有比新奥尔良更好的地方来学习如何分享福音和使所有国家的门徒, one of the most eclectic cities in the United States. 基金会理事会成员了解维持神学院在纽奥良工作的重要性. 他们每年承诺捐出5美元,慷慨捐赠,000 to keep the technology, buildings, and grounds in the best condition possible.

Officers for 2024/2025

Dr. Chris Townson
Vice Chair
Dr. Jerry Pounds
Recording Secretary
Mr. Ben Humphries
Dr. Larry Lyon
Executive Secretary
Dr. Mike Wetzel

Member Benefits

  • Recognized membership in the Honor Roll of Donors
  • Quarterly newsletter and Foundation Board Facebook group
  • Invitation of annual Foundation Board Dinner and Meeting
  • New members are introduced and voted on at the annual meeting
  • Foundation Board membership gift
  • Invitation to the President’s Christmas Dinner

Become a Member

To begin, please fill out this form of inquiry, and a member of our Advancement Team will be in touch.


Legal Name: New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary Foundation

Tax ID #: 72-6033670

Address: 3939 Gentilly Blvd., New Orleans, LA 70126

DeMent Society


The DeMent Society 通过遗嘱和其他有计划的礼物,表彰和表彰致力于NOBTS和Leavell学院未来的校友和朋友. 德门特协会是为了纪念第一任总统拜伦·胡佛·德门特而命名的, who was asked to lead this Seminary in New Orleans in 1917.

Member Benefits

  • Recognized membership in the Honor Roll of Donors
  • Various communications throughout the year
  • Invitation of annual DeMent Society Luncheon*
  • New members are introduced at the annual luncheon
  • DeMent Society membership gift

*DeMent Society Luncheon

Each October, we hold the annual DeMent Society Luncheon to bring together DMS members, Seminary leaders, 和在校生一起庆祝我们的会员对NOBTS和level College未来的投资和承诺.

Become a Member

If you are interested in becoming a member of the DeMent Society, please fill out this form of inquiry, and a member of our Advancement Team will be in touch. 


Legal Name: New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary

Tax ID #: 72-0494592

Address: 3939 Gentilly Blvd., New Orleans, LA 70126

Legacy Brick

To create a lasting legacy, you must first resolve to pave the way.


纪念您的神学院经历或荣誉与遗产砖或高级摊铺机放置在利维尔教堂的遗产广场的亲人. 你可能想要向一个特别的人致敬,他是你在NOBTS期间的导师. 不管是什么原因,“遗产砖”项目可以帮助你保存这些记忆,并激发新的记忆.

In 2017, NOBTS基金会董事会和Leavell学院慷慨捐赠了铸青铜印章. 这份礼物允许购买“遗产砖”的大部分收益立即捐给普罗维登斯基金, 哪些积极影响卓越运营和减轻学费和费用的增长.

25% off Classic Legacy Brick through May 31, 2024

8" X 4" Classic Legacy Brick

你可以在遗产广场上安装一块经典的红砖来纪念你的信仰英雄, located in front of Leavell Chapel. Your brick may contain three lines of personalized text. 你可能希望向你信仰的毕业生、导师、牧师、父母或父亲致敬. 许多校友购买了一块砖来纪念他们的毕业年份或研究领域. Your brick and the tribute will last for generations to come. The brick cost is $250.

8" X 8" Premium Legacy Paver

You may wish to purchase a premium paver. 你的铺路石将被放置在青铜印章旁边,这是遗产广场的中心. The paver measures 8" x 8" and is $1000. It is a wonderful way to pay tribute to your faith heros. There is a limited number of pavers, so don’t delay your purchase.

Tribute Certificate

When you purchase a Legacy Brick or a Premium Paver, 您可以通过购买定制的奉献证书来纪念您的捐赠. Each certificate costs $15 and is mailed to you ready for framing. 每一份证书都是你对信仰英雄的敬意.